5 Don’ts For A Lasting Lash Extension

By Amara Christa

You may be new to lashes or you might be a pro, rocking it every day. One thing we have realized is that, a lot of people who rock these lashes, fail to take care of it in a way that’ll not just benefit the extension, but benefit your real lash.

Here are five things you should stop doing to ensure your lash extension and your natural lash, receive the care they deserve.

Don’t touch your lash after they’re freshly done. They need hours to dry depending on the glue used by your lash technician. Touching them can send oil from your skin to the lash and you don’t want your lash to start clumping on day one.

Do not use oil base makeup products on your face as they can clog and clump the lash extension.

Do not rub your eyelashes especially after bathing rather, pat them gently with a paper towel or a tissue. But it is advisable to let it air dry at the end.

Ensure to keep your lashes area clean with an oil free makeup remover especially, after a busy day of wearing makeup. This is to avoid irritation and infection.

Do not remove your lashes by yourself as it may damage your natural lashes if

is still very much stuck to the lash. Redirect your face to a lash technician for a safe and gentle removal.

By Linda Orajekwe

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