BREAKING: COVID-19 cases increases in Nigeria

By Chukwuka Chioma Joan

Just wow! As much as we hate sharing bad news, we have to keep everyone updated concerning this virus spreading around.

Just this morning, we were talking about the sudden rise of the Virus (in Nigeria) to 111 Cases. Unfortunately, in less than Twenty four hours around 9pm, 30th March 2020, the NCDC reported Twenty new cases! Yes, you read that right. Twenty!!

With 13 confirmed cases in Lagos, 4 in FCT, 2 in Kaduna and 1 in Oyo state.

So far, the breakdown per states are…

Lagos: 81
FCT: 25
OYO: 8
Edo: 2
Enugu: 2
Osun: 2
Rivers: 1
Venue: 1
Kaduna: 3

With only 3 recovered so far (2 in Lagos, 1 in Ogun) and unfortunately, a second death was recorded.

Although we are hoping that this stops on time so we can return to our respective lives, we also need to note that a key factor to making this stop is our ‘compliance’ to rules and the safety measures.


*Social Distance is still to be observed.

*Self Isolation is very necessary. Please stay at home. The government is not punishing you. It’s for your own good! Boredom won’t kill you but the Virus may.

*And please, for those who have buried their hygiene somewhere, it’s time to bring it out. Please take care of yourself and your surrounding.

When you notice these signs below, make sure you place a call to the NCDC Toll–free number immediately. 080097000010.
Some of the signs to take note of are:

*Severe difficulty in breathing.

We really hope and pray that when you experience these signs, it would be for malaria instead. But in general, we wish you good health.

Please stay safe!

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