Coronavirus: Chloroquine Didn’t Cure Italian – Doctor

By Amara Christa

Nigeria’s Coronavirus index case was not treated with Chloroquine. This is according to the Director General of the Mainland Infectious Disease Hospital Yaba, Dr Atbimbola Bowale.

This comes after the Lagos State Government confirmed that the Italian who was the first known Coronavirus patient in the country has now tested negative.

Bowale warned Nigerians to desist from using Chloroquine as a preventive drug against the novel Coronavirus.

“Chloroquine is not a drug to be taken for prevention. Here we are not using it to treat our patients,” Bowale told Nigeria Info

Investigations carried out by Nigeria Info shows that Chloroquine has become one of the most sort after drug. This comes after suggestions by US President Donald Trump that it could be used to cure the Coronavirus. This has led to an increase in the demand and price of the drug.

But the Mainland Hospital MD reiterated insisted that Chloroquine “is still a trial drug for that disease,” noting that “people should not go and start using chloroquine to prevent Coronavirus that would not work.”

The Lagos State Government on Saturday confirmed the release of the first case of Cornavirus after he “tested negative” twice.

The Italian index case was admitted at the Mainland Hospital, Yaba on the 27th of February after showing symptoms. He flew into the country from Istanbul.

Bowale attributed the success to the fact that personnel at the Mainland Infectious Disease Hospital Yaba, “made the patient feel comfortable and placed him on appropriate medication.”

He also confirmed that the Italian would have doctors in his home country “follow up.”

“He told me he was going to leave yesterday; I suppose he has left by now,” Bowale said.

Meanwhile, the Lagos government also confirmed that the Index Patient “donated a unit of white blood,” which the government says is now “frozen in the state’s Bio-bank and will be useful in handling new cases.”

Lagos has 11 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus with 1300 persons being traced for possibly being in contact with the virus.

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