Covid-19: FG paid lecturers’ salary on IPPIS with discrepancies

By – 12th May, 2020

Behold, the withheld salary of the University lectures has been paid through the controversial IPPIS. Unfortunately, about 25-50% of the said salary has been slashed with no apparent reason yet. This is anticipated already, and that is what ASUU has been skeptical about. The ASUU members have been forcefully enrolled in the IPPIS without their consent, whether this is legally correct or not, I will leave it to the experts in the judiciary. Even though the federal government must be blamed for its lack of transparency and decency in addressing this matter, the ASUU professors have their own share of the blame as well.

May I use this opportunity to caution Nigerians. Very soon, the federal government will come out and beat its chest that they recovered some ‘ghost billions of monies’ from the ‘ghost lecturers’ by enrolling them on IPPIS. DO NOT believe them; it is a blatant lie, they cut the lecturers’ salary by nearly 50%, there is no such thing as recovered or saving money from ghost workers. Secondly, the federal government and its agents on this IPPIS saga (the office of the Accountant General of the Federation and the Ministry of Labour) owed Nigerians explanations on the following: How did they manage to enroll all the lecturers on the IPPIS without the latter submitting their data (BVN and so on), they have been asking for?

that a waste already? Do the Nigerian government think they can get away with this unjustifiable salary reduction across government parastatals and agencies? Because I have heard complaints about this inexcusable salary reduction across ministries and government agencies. Is it that minimum wage increase claimed by the government a scam? Is the Nigerian government really willing to improve the already declined educational system in the country?  A friend told me that somewhere on this planet, he has seen some professors driving taxi just to augment their salary to feed their families. With all humility, I can’t picture myself to that extent, I’ll rather look for another job. Let’s see how the child that denied his mother sleep can be able to sleep! Khalid Garba Mohammed, Milan, Italy

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