Covid-19: Terror of the ‘One Million Boys’

By Elvis Dumle

Amidst the health crisis and economic strangulation Lagos is suffering from, another sardonic madness has erupted. The “100 million boys” gang has risen to add their own torture to the pain of Lagosians during this lockdown.

If you say it’s because of the hunger, despair and misery that the total lockdown has caused, I want to ask who have not been affected by the lockdown. Is it the economy, the rich or the world at large.

A couple of my friends have suffered from this plight. One of them languished in fear last night in the event of recurring shootings and violent noise. I am also in the terror of their respective planned attacks, which might hit my area as they have promised.

The Nigerian police force that needs to step up it’s intelligence and combative acumen seemed to have been overwhelmed themselves, by the audacity of such ruthless stupidity. They only lie in wait to respond to distress calls.

I’m calling up the 2nd Zonal Police command and the Lagos State police command to come up with a tactical response to destroy with deadly brutality this immature effrotery of a group to rid struggling Nigerians of their peace and safety.

There’s no way this fight against the covid-19 can be victorious if ordinary people put sleep aside to act as vigilantes both in the day and in the night. We need a responsive force to shatter this fear.
©Simeon Elvis Dumle

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