Covid-19: The vaccine is the mark of the beast – 666, English singer, Lee Ryan warns


Blue singer Lee took to Instagram on Tuesday to claim the devil controls the government and said people are soon to be injected with microchips.

The Blue singer shared an image on Instagram of a hand being injected by a hand wearing a latex glove, and an X-ray of a hand with a microchip inside.

“This is the mark of the beast – 666 – this will be the next step of governments world wide.”, The 36-year-old added the caption.

‘Sorry to post this s**t but it’s true. I just wanna spread the word so people know the truth of what’s coming…’

He went on to share a quote that claimed the human race is ‘being indoctrinated to be dependent and subservient to the system’.

The Celebrity Big Brother star had previously shared a post about 5G mobile networks, which is believed to be connected to the coronavirus pandemic.

Le shared an update on Friday morning that as singer he also has the right to freedom of speech over the comments he has made previously.

Lee explained that he is standing by his earlier posts and posted a screengrab of news stories about what he said.

‘Funny how they don’t mention 5g…and I’m not going to apologise for my religious beliefs…. god bless you all – amen,’ he wrote.

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