Covid-19:Hidden Victims of the pandemic


Women and Children
They’re threatened not just by COVID-19 itself, but by violence. An unintended consequence of the global response, job losses, home confinement, Economic confinement, economic woes; pressure like these can create a toxic brew for women and girls, in their homes, in their neighbourhoods, and online. They risk falling victims to abuse, exploitation, even child marriage.

And in country after country; domestic violence is on the rise. Women are locked into houses with abusive partners,Without any means of escape.

And predators are using the pandemic as an excuse to inflict horrifying violence on women and girls.

We’re here by call, on the ministries responsible, to take action.

Fellow countries like Argentina, where there is a safe avenue to report abuse. France making thousands of hotels rooms available to women too afraid to go home.

Spain has told women, they are exempted from the lockdown if they cannot stay home. While, countries like Canada and Australia are making the protection of women and girls a cornerstone of their response and recovery funding.

Women and girls are already bravely facing each new day under the shadow of COVID-19, taking care of themselves, protecting their children, comforting their families, friends and loved ones; they shouldn’t have to worry about violence at the same time.

Join UNICEF as they call for Gender Base violence(GBV) now. Let’s sound this alarm on this silent emergency.

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