Simeon Elvis Dumle is a young Port Harcourt based poet and budding writer, inspired by the pain of love. He’s a graduate of Kanule Beeson Saro-Wiwa Polytechnic, Bori, Rivers State.

He is an Advocate for Human Rights. In his struggles for justice, he has written some articles on Girl-child education and Humanity in general.

The young writer and Human Rights Activist has warmed his way into speaking the hearts and minds of many, about the current trending inhumane rape incidents happening in the nation. On a chat interview led by a TATAAFO.COM correspondent, he speaks his view on the causes of rape and ways to punish defaulters. Thus:

TATAAFO.COM: What do you think of these rape incidents? Do you think it is triggered by the girl-child?

SIMEON ELVIS DUMLE: No. Absolutely no. Women might have their flaws but it doesn’t excuse the criminality of rape. Also, rape apologists should questioning the chastity of a lady who was a victim of something sacrilegious.

Acquaintance rape is the worst form of rape. When you’re being raped by someone you thought you could trust the trauma ultimately kills the humanity in you and destroys your conviction about people being honest.

That is not to say there’s a legal difference between sexual assault from a stranger and an acquaintance.

TATAAFO.COM: According to the typical African belief, the girl-child ought to be sexually educated properly in order to face these things. Don’t you think the boy-child also need this SEX EDUCATION?

SIMEON ELVIS DUMLE: The United Nations has said, issues regarding the boy-child rape should be brought to spotlight through out the month of July. I hope we would be able to nib the issue in the bud with this opportunity. But, we understand that women suffer more from sexual abuse and should be protected from and educated about sexual objectification.

TATAAFO.COM: Don’t you think some set of males have lost their conscience and consciousness thereby, acting inhumane to the girl-child?

SIMEON ELVIS DUMLE: I agree. Which is why we are clamouring for a justice system that do not only criminalizes rape but places it in the class of first grade murder. This would serve as a stern deterrent to real and potential predators of the girl-child.

TATAAFO.COM: Do you think the judicial system will Ernestly help curb this inhumane menace? Don’t you think religion would go a long way cleansing the minds and bringing consciences alive?

SIMEON ELVIS DUMLE: You can pick your teeth with just a tooth pick, but you can’t sweep a house with single stick of broom. You have to gather as much as possible to make the sweeping thorough and possible. So also, there’s need to integrate every sector into having unity of purpose against rape incidence in Nigeria.

TATAAFO.COM: Under the Criminal Code of Nigeria (Section 357 & 358), Rape is defined as “having unlawful carnal knowledge of a woman or girl, without her consent, or with her consent, if the consent is obtained by force or by means of threats or intimidation of any kind, or by fear of harm, or by means of false act, or, in case of a married woman, be personating her husband.” This offence is punishable by imprisonment for life, with or without caning; don’t you think the penalty for rape should be Death sentence?

SIMEON ELVIS DUMLE: The life imprisonment is strong enough. In my opinion, death sentence is an extreme form of punishment that wouldn’t allow for persons who were falsely accused to be redeemed.

TATAAFO.COM: Wow… we solely appreciate your audience sir.

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