Emotional moment as doctor turns down son’s embrace to safeguard him from coronavirus risk

By Amara Christa

A doctor broke down for not embracing his son when the little boy ran towards him to give him a hug

According to a video which has since gone viral, the medic came back home from work and his son came running to him but he asked him to maintain social distancing

– The doctor is from Saudi Arabia and was protecting his son from the risk of getting COVID-19

As cases of COVID-19 continues to increase across the world, it is a good thing for everyone to observe social distancing to prevent the spread.

A doctor was recorded on camera asking his young son to keep his social distance after he got home from work.

In a video which has since gone viral on Twitter, the medic is seen stepping aside from his little son who was running towards him.

Immediately the son stops, he squats to his level but only gets emotional and breaks down covering his face.

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