Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa’s shirtless moment while teaching son thrills fans

By – 14th May, 2020

– Jason Momoa decided to get rid of his boredom through a session of tomahawking with his son

– When he posted a video of himself shirtless, all people could see was his amazing body and they failed to notice the hilarious exercise the actor was doing

– The Aquaman and his son made a great team and mummy who was holding the camera kept laughing at the two

Any fan of Aquaman or Game of Thrones was definitely addicted to one character whose body was like a canvas decorated with art.

Jason Momoa, a proud dad and prolific actor is a man after every woman’s heart and his smile alone is more calming than a cold breeze.

The dedicated husband left his female fans hanging on for dear life after sharing a shirtless video of himself while teaching his young son.

The Hollywood celebrity who is ripped to the core was at his backyard attempting to school his young one on how to throw tomahawks.

The star who is married to actress Lisa Bonnet attached some comedic relief to his exercise and his wife who was behind the camera could not stop laughing.

While a few people could not get enough of how he and his son were sharing a lovely father and son moment, most women drooled over his pecs and abs.

Jason was in good shape and was not afraid to show how his time at the gym was paying off.

His female fans gushed over the actor’s tribal tattoos that looked like a road map to treasure land.

No one could even tell he was a dedicated dad and nearly everyone wished they could feel his rock hard abs and touch his long, silky hair.

What mattered most to Jason was the lessons he was imparting on his son during their outdoor activities.

The two encouraged each other even though they sucked at tomahawking.

Nothing beats a great father and son duo who know how to add some chuckles to their teaching moments.

The celebrity blogger shared several videos of her son showing what he had learnt. In one video, the boy was able to identify parts of his body, in another video, Jayce was seen mopping the floor and also helping his mother carry her DHL package.

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