By Chukwuka Chioma Joan

Even though the body is young, the soul probably isn’t winks

During an interview Teenage Muscician Rema had with CAPITAL XTRA, he discloses another side of him where he admits that girls are always on his mind.

But no one would blame him for it right?
He is a young, talented and handsome young singer with lots and lots of female fans who admires him. We can see his fans on every social media platforms, professing their love to him on his page.

It would probably be weird that he didn’t think about girls despite all of the attention he always got from them.

He also talked about some of the challenges he faced while recording a song. He said…

"..... the beat was so hard and I was like... I can't just put any irregular flow on this beat. I have to go do something crazy..."

We can see these days that we do have a lot of “musicians’ who sings for singing sake without much dedication to it.

But in this case, we can see that the teenage Singer, Rema, is dedicated to his music— His ability to want to create cool songs.

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