Heavily pregnant Mercy Johnson gives Nigerians hope as COVID-19 lockdown continues, says ‘this too will pass’

By Amara Christa

– Nigerian actress Mercy Johnson has urged Nigerians to adhere to the rules given to curb the spread of coronavirus

– The actress shared a message on her Instagram page to give Nigerians hope during this pandemic

– Johnson noted that the stress and discomfort is inexplicable but time will heal it all

Popular Nigerian actress Mercy Johnson has taken to social media to give Nigerians hope as everyone participates in lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Due to the increase in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases, the Federal Government directed Nigerians to stay indoors and practice social distancing until the pandemic is contained.

To help Nigerians during this hard and confusing time, celebrities have taken to social media platforms to share words of advice and urge people to stay safe. Johnson joined her colleagues and shared a message on her Instagram page.

The actress advised everyone to stay safe and adhere to the rules given by health agencies to stop the spread of the virus. She asked people to wash their hands regularly, avoid a large number of gatherings, sanitize, and practice social distancing.

Johnson also added a message of hope. She said the stress and discomfort on people is inexplicable but time will heal it all. She ended her message with the words “this too will pass.”

Meanwhile,TATAAFO.COM had earlier reported that Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham, recently took to social media via her Instagram page to speak on the pandemic. According to the new mom, the virus is just God showing the world his power and Him reminding us that we are all living at His mercy.

Toyin Abraham also added that one does not have to panic and live in fear because of it but that they should seek God instead.Goodluck Jonathan sends important message to Nigerians amid coronavirus pandemic

She wrote: “God is showing us his power with this virus. He’s reminding us that, we are all living at His mercy. He’s using this virus to waking us up from our slumber. God is telling us not to feel too relaxed and be lost in the pursuit of this life. He’s telling us it costs him nothing to punish the whole world at a time.

However, we do not need to panic or live in fear, all we have to do is to take precautions and SEEK God more. And after this whole thing, if this messenger in disguise of a virus does not change you to being a better person, then, you are irredeemable. This should change the world for better.”

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