How curfew can work in Lagos ― Lawmaker


The Lagos State House of Assembly chairman, House Committee on Information, Security and Strategy, Tunde Buraimoh, has said that the newly imposed curfew by President Muhammed Buhari is practicable in the state with total cooperation.

The chairman, who spoke to Nigerian Tribune via a telephone interview, urged Lagosians to cooperate with the new directive in order to jointly attack the effect of the scourge.

He noted that the employers of labour would have to adjust their timetable to factor in the travel time of their workers.

“The curfew is practicable. We all have to understand that the climatic and economic effect of COVID-19 are nothing that can disappear within the twinkle of an eye.

“The most important thing is to appeal to our populace on the need to cooperate with our government. Businesses are dying and going comatose, but the government does not want that.

“If we don’t cooperate with all the measures put in place, we will end up recording unprecedented fatalities or we will make government restore total restrictions.

“Employers of Labour would have to adjust their time-table such that they have to factor in their travel time for those who are coming from their places of abode to workplace.

“If you know you live in Ogun State, the workplaces will have to close early or allow those who live far off to close early.

“We don’t have a choice than to adjust our lifestyle. As you can see that social gatherings are being restricted still. All the parties that we are used to in Lagos would have to give way for the right time to come. Religious activities too would have to have to give way for the right time to come,” he said.

The lawmaker further added that the curfew will be implemented with a human face and practical application of the circumstances.

He stated that there should be no expectation of activities to operate full swing; hence, the need to function within the scope.

“Of course, these things will be done with a human face and practical application of the peculiarities or circumstances. If someone is returning home from work, the security agencies can understand and see that.

“In fact, someone would know that those people working in Lagos but live in Ogun State are going home. So, these things are workable.

“We just have to function within the available scope and not expect activities to rotate full swing,” the lawmaker said.

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