I never had 30 billion – Davido admits on social media as fan asks for giveaway

By Amara Christa

Nigerian singer, Davido, recently had fans laughing on social media after he gave a funny but candid reply to a question

 A fan asked the singer to do a giveaway and he replied that there is no money for now because there would be no shows till 2021

– Another fan asked how that is possible seeing as the singer has 30 billion

– Davido then admitted that he never had that kind of money

There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic that is ravaging the world has made quite a number of Nigerian celebrities to be in a generous mood as they have been giving fans money on social media to help them survive during this tough period.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected a lot of countries worldwide as healthcare systems are threatening to balk seeing as there are much more sick people than they can cater for.

In order to curb the spread, the government of some countries have ordered a lockdown as people have been enjoined to stay indoors and keep safe. As a result of this, some people who survive on their daily earnings might starve.

Click on the link below to see Davido’s IG post:


A number of Nigerian celebs have however played their part in making things better by giving out money on social media.

Just recently, Nigerian music star, Davido, complained about boredom on Twitter and a fan told him to give out money to fellow fans to cure his boredom.

Davido then replied that there is no money for now because it is likely that there would be no shows till year 2021.

Another curious fan who wondered how that is possible then asked the singer about his 30 billion that he always sings about. Davido then replied that he never had it.

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