I survived coronavirus after spending nearly 2 weeks in quarantine – Lady shares experience

By Amara Christa

Tobi Rachel is a Nigerian lady who survived coronavirus after being quarantined for nearly two weeks

Tobi says she was in direct contact with a confirmed case of the deadly disease

– She advised people to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously by staying at home and stop joking around

A 28-year-old Nigerian lady identified as Tobi Rachel has said she survived coronavirus after being quarantined for nearly two weeks.

Tobi took to her official Twitter page to share the news, saying she went out for the first time in nearly two weeks on Saturday, March 28.

She said she was informed that she was in contact with someone who had been in contact with someone with coronavirus.

Tobi said: “Nothing serious I told myself, but I decided to social distance anyway. Later I found out I’d been in direct contact with a confirmed case 5 days before.”

In other news, a Nigerian man identified as Chinedu Junior Ihekwoaba has said his company hired a lady that tested positive for coronavirus.

According to him, the reason his company took that risk was the lady in question is brilliant and she answered all the questions she was asked correctly.

He posted on LinkedIn: “We also don’t want to discriminate against her health condition, after all, it isn’t her fault that this is happening.

“We felt if we give her a chance against all odds, she will get well and repay our kindness.”

He said someone suggested that they give her an office with other members of the company to show a sense of togetherness in this tough era.

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