Amara Christa– 7th November, 2020

  • An ordeal of a final year student of political science department popularly known as worwor face.
    Duke Tima Malvan, UE/2016/POL/BED3/018

Duke Tima Malvan, a final year student of Ignatius ajuru University of Education has come up on his social media Facebook handle to tell the public what led to his expulsion from IAUE as an almost graduating student.

Mr. Duke writes:

“I was outside when Maxwell the Hostel rep wanted to lock the hostel gate; everyone ran to meet him, so I asked him,” why do u want to lock the hostel”? He said, “order from above”, I replied, “if that is how you are behaving, at least you would have informed us earlier”. We started arguing, others were there before I came, so they wanted to beat him up but I kept blocking them from beating him, so he called the school’s CSO, when he came, he asked, “where are the people disturbing you”? Maxwell told him that I led boys to beat him, and I said, he is telling lies in my presence then, CSO told me to enter the vehicle and as soon as we got to the security unit, he told me to enter the school’s cell. I slept in the cell till the next morning. The next day, the CSO took me to the hostel, packed my things and put me in the vehicle and took me to the gate and told me to leave the school that I am no longer a student of that institution. I came and pleaded but no one listened to me. They called a panel which I told them this same thing but I was still expelled because nobody believed me.

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