JUST IN: Nigerian Writer returns 2017 literary award with cash prize

By Amara Christa

The Nigerian Writer by name, Chibuihe Obi, returns 2017 literary award with cash prize back to Brittle Paper for their failure to hold out.

According to His update on social media;

I am publicly rescinding the award Brittle Paper gave me in 2017 and will forthwith return the cash that came with the prize. I have written to Ainehi Edoro to demand that my works be pulled from their site.”

Brittle Paper has supported my writing and career in tremendous ways and for that, I’m grateful. But, with this recent development, it seems that, that once beloved platform has been effaced and in its place, now stands this morally compromised; El-Rufaisque boutique.

“It is one thing to repremend a writer for disregarding in house style and standards(whatever that means in this situation) but, to punish him for reporting and writing about the disgraceful conduct of a supposedly intellectual First Lady is an insult to our collective reasoning.”

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