Lady Gaga transformation from popstar to political powerhouse

As part of the inauguration, lady gaga who performed the national anthem at today’s ceremony, arrived at the presidential inauguration wearing a custom Schiaparelli Haute Couture look designed by Daniel Roseberry. The ensemble comprised of a navy, cashmere fitted jacket and skirt in washed red silk faille with a gilded dove of peace brooch. She appeared nervous, growing in confidence as she went on, but it was a significant moment, as momentous as the enormous gold dove of peace brooch pinned to her chest.

Biden had Lady Gaga, complete with bling gold microphone and earpiece, and a poised, powerful J. Lo as his warm-up act, followed by 22-year-old poet and activist Amanda Gorman, who gave the world hope with her reading.  

On the surface, Lady Gaga is synonymous with a wild, disco attitude and an ability to surprise. This is a woman whose first hit, Just Dance, was about her losing her keys and phone in a nightclub, unable to see straight and wondering “How did I turn my shirt inside out?”. And remember when she wore a dress made from raw beef to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards? 

But, her new position at Biden’s side makes a lot of sense. Gaga, 34, has always been a popstar with a social conscience, able to package up serious messages in a way that gets your attention and has widespread appeal. “Lady Gaga is like Madonna in that she knows how to reinvent herself,” says publicist Mark Borkowski

Gaga has known Biden for a long time. They are both Catholic, he worked with her to set up trauma centres for sexual assault survivors and as she sees it, she had a role in him running for President. She has said: “I remember when I was hanging out with him one day and I was like, ‘So you’re going to run for president, right?’ And we had a little talk and he did it. But I was like, ‘Listen, we need you, because we needed somebody that was going to bring us all together for this moment, this very important moment.”

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