LATEST NEWS: “…..Ronaldo…. still on track to become the world’s $1 billion footballer this season”— FORBES

By Chukwuka Chioma Joan

It is no news that this ‘Covid–19’ is actually causing great loss to not just most country’s economy, but also to different private individuals and organizations.

And because of this, Italian soccer club Juventus, has come up with a plan to cut the costs. I mean, these people are practically paying people who are not working so we can guess how much they have lost this period. But notwithstanding, Cristiano Ronaldo is still on track even after agreeing to a 30% wage cost.

FORBES WROTE: “Italian Soccer Club Juventus a announced yesterday that it has reached an agreement with its players and coaches to implement a wage cut to help control costs while sports are shut down because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Cristiano Ronaldo agreed to the wage cut— but with an estimated 30% cut, he is still on track to become the world’s $1 billion footballer this season.”

FORBES Also wrote on his donation. “…It read: Ronaldo has donated $1.8 million to hospitals in his native Portugal to help with their coronavirus efforts”

So we can see that despite all of these going on in the world today, there are still some people who we can say are still a le to live well ‘comfortably’.

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