For some years, suicide has been too common with writers; especially poets. Here, Barr. Ebi Robert; a renowned writer, uses Poetry to tell its readers the hidden reason behind the words from a poet. It is a must read.


Poem by Ebi Robert

(Bleed not on my false rhymes)

It is true that men contemplate suicide
That is life, the reality of the side

It is false that real men don’t love suicide
That is life, it flows with the tide

Like Judas, many may go for the rope
And when full, he knows no solemn hope

Like the MAN, everyman has a hope
No one knows, whether it is for tread, wire or rope

The suicide agent feels it is the best tablet to wipe off the shame;
It is better to be silent, than wallow in shame

Away, he thinks, “I can make no hair, does not mean I deserve this breathe”
Always, he thinks, “Life is a bed made of dead men’s breathe”

He feels the rope and the poison are not for cloths and rats —
It is Honourable to be naked and make shame wear his flesh

Every agent has a suicide word, many words weaved in silence which only the deaf can hear

Every agent has a quarrel which is against himself and himself
Every agent makes a loud noise which no man can hear

Do you know it is trouble when an agent is one with the suicide words?
But it is even double when a poet is the one with the words!

Yes, aye, yea, every man has a word
If he is an English man, he must have a D

But a poet agent have not just a D, he has a W or D

He will sound like, he is in love with a Rose or that the Garden now hates the Rose

He will sound like, Honey is bitter,
that, Milk and Honey, none is better

To him, death is the means, the end, the means, not the beginning

Pray your agent be not a poet, he will hide his feeling in every word

Dated 23rd April, 2020.

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