The Historic Battle of Adakaji



Urhobo is not a Land. It is a people with unique linguistics and similar dialects. The Urhobo people origin can only be traced to the origin of languages. Most current research shows that the tribes of Urhobo are aborigines of Ancient Egypt who migrated from Nubian to Akka in the present day Nigeria in AD 582. The Urhobo and their kindred of the Benue-Congo tribes groups lived in Akka from AD582 till AD 1214 when there were unresolvable crisis bordering on rulership of Akka as the descendants of Edo had introduced the idea of supremacy, when they became Egusue (Ogiso). As the first Egusue of Aka was from Urhobo descendants. Some narrative even suggested that the descendants of Edo even went as far as killing members of the Urbobo tribes for human rituals at the heights of the crisis in Akka and changed the name of the territory from Aka to Ogidomigodo.

It was in the days of Ur-hwohwa that the tribes of Urhobo people and their relative ethnic groups left Aka. This was in AD 1214. As narrated by some oral history, some of the Urhobo clans and heads that made the exodus were Ur-hwohwa, Ewu, Atbon (Agbon), Ekkeh-ode (Ekeode) which represents present day Uvwie, Igboze and his father Omerhi (representing Okpe), Korkoh (representing present Ughienvwen), and their sisters, Udu and Isi-oko (Isoko), and Igboze’s wife, Olomu (also called Onomu).

It was narrated that some of the clans of Urhobos who left Akka initially to settled in a territory that is today known as Okpe Isoko, from which they moved to found their different Kingdoms as it is know till this day in Urhoboland. Remarkably, the Avwraka and his kindred did not take same geographical direction with the other clans of Urhobo. Avwraka took West to found today Avwraka Kingdoms. During the movement, there were different wars of supremacy between the descendants of Edo and the different clans of Urhobo and the greatest of them was the great battle of Adakaji that was fought between Edo descendants and Awraka clan of Urhobo.

In the battle of Adakaji that was fought in the current boundary areas in Avwraka flank of the Urhobos Nation and Edo, the war raged for many years without end at sight, until the Urhobo warriors turned all Edo warriors into trees. That marked the end of that battles between Edo and Urhobo. The Urhobo then named the location Adakaji. In memory of the fact that it was in this place, we put an end to the Edo encroachment into Urhoboland. It is for this reason that the trees there are believed to be humans and are used for different charms till this day. The monarchy throne of Emuvwie Urhobo Avwraka was named after the battle of Adakaji as the greatest of battles fought by Urhobo tribes during their exodus from Akka.


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