What I did when my birthday girl woke up looking for cake amidst coronavirus lockdown – Woman shares inspiring experience

– A five-year-old girl woke up on her birthday looking for cake, oblivious of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic

Her mum quickly thought of what she could do to distract her so she would not feel bad that she has no cake to celebrate her birthday

– Eventually, photo shoots and other things she likes were used to take her mind off the cake

The lockdown over the deadly coronavirus is causing discomfort as the world battles with the pandemic.

A mother has shared her experience of the lockdown and what it did to her daughter who just clocked five years old.

The mother identified as Veronica The Joyful on Twitter said her daughter woke up looking for cake, but there was none due to the lockdown.

According to her, she distracted the little with her favourite things, which includes playing dress up, food and photo shoots.

Below is her tweet:

In other news, with the rise in the coronavirus-related death toll, many are turning to God while for many Christians, it has been a test of their faith.

The spread of the novel coronavirus has without a scintilla of doubt quivered the foundation of the church in many parts of the world.

Coronavirus has not only challenged religious institutions but also the health systems of even developed countries with well-equipped facilities.

Amid these herculean setbacks, many frontline health workers have been overwhelmed by the enormous strain they have had to deal with due to the dreaded disease.

However, just as parts of 2 Corinthians 4:9 indicates: ”…we are pressed but not down, persecuted but not abandoned. Struck down but not destroyed.”

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